Tyson Fresh Meats (formerly IBP) – Overtime Pay Lawsuit for Meat Processing Workers

We represent over 600 current and former production workers at Tyson’s meat processing facility in Goodlettsville, Tennessee.  These employees allege they are required to work off the clock without compensation.  That is, they perform work that is unrecorded and unpaid.  Specifically, these employees were not paid for required activities before and after their shifts and during their meal periods.  This uncompensated work includes:

  • Donning (putting on) and doffing (taking off) required sanitary and protective gear and equipment
  • Waiting and walking time after the first compensable activity
  • Production work before and after the scheduled shift and during unpaid meal periods
  • Cleaning and maintaining gear and equipment

We are currently accepting clients who worked for Tyson or IBP in a meat processing facility during the past three years.  If you have worked for Tyson or IBP during that time, please contact us by email, or toll free, for a free, confidential consultation.  Be sure to mention the Tyson Overtime Lawsuit.







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