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A properly drafted employment contract can be a tremendous tool to set out the obligations and expectations of the employer and employee and to minimize the risk of future disputes. 

Agreements Issued by Employers

Employees across Tennessee are subject to agreements issued by their employers, setting standards, rules, and expectations that they must abide by in the workplace. If your employer has asked you to sign an agreement, then it is important that you have this legally binding document reviewed by an attorney who can determine whether the terms you are accepting are fair and just.

At Yezbak Law, we are proud to represent employees across Tennessee. Our firm understands that employers often ask their workers to sign complex legal documents,  regardless of whether the employees really understand what they're signing. We can review any documents your employer asks you to sign to determine whether they are fair and reasonable. If not, we can renegotiate the agreement on your behalf. Some of the various employment agreements we can review on your behalf include the following:

• Non-Compete Agreements

• Severance Agreements

• Non-Disclosure Agreements

• Employment Agreements

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